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Show #1 is in the books.  “Regrets Only” sold about 75% of capacity.  Not bad.  Four more to go.

All of the cast of “Regrets” are now members of Village Players with full privileges, like trying out for more shows yet this year! And helping out with set building, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 7 – 9 p.m. at the ol’ playhouse on the main drag.

Curtain speech went well. It served as audience warm-up and sold an extra 10 or 15 season tickets. A  couple of twofers, too.

Circle November 1st on your calendar. It’s Opening Night of “Company.” calendar Y’all come!  Let’s make this an early sell out, and host a whoppin’ afterglow party!  Red Carpet, Red velvet ropes, all Board members (both Boards) dressed to the nines, greeting patrons and members at the door…


By the way, we still need a few of the “regulars” to pay your dues. Do you know who you are???

4077_new-york-skyline-for-wallsThe New York skyline apparently will live on in Show #2, “Company” as well as the December Youth Theatre production of “Annie.”  Sing out: “N.Y.C, What is it about you? You’re big. You’re loud. You’re tough.”

Speaking of “Annie:” If the title character is the female lead of the show, which role is the male lead?   Answer: Daddy Warbucks, a daddy/daughter duo!  Best roles are Rooster and Mrs. Hannigan, a brother/sister duo.  Sort of a family show, I guess!  Auditions are September 29 & 30 (ages 8 – 18 only!)

The Marketing Committee could use some help!  We need a publicist, a couple of ad salespeople, a graphic designer, and some fundraisers. Call me!

Diamond-Jubilee_0Speaking of fundraising, I received an invitation to a fundraiser for a charity in Ann Arbor with whom I do some work.  This event is a “Scotch Tasting.”  Limited number of seats, just 40 at $100 a ticket…gross receipts $4,000.  Would something like that work for us?  Are we a “scotch tasting” group, or more “beer and brats?”  Would love to have someone knowledgeable step up and take this one on!  We need to raise some funds to support non-budgeted building maintenance costs.  If not this then, ______________??? (Fill in your idea here, send it to me at the playhouse, or better yet, just comment to the blog at the end.  Let’s get a conversation going…)

Two Board meetings on the horizon: Board of Trustees Annual Meeting and report to the membership on the financial health of the organization.  October 1 @ 7 p.m.  Everyone’s welcome.

Next Board of Directors meeting on October 13, 7 p.m. Topic: Next chapter in planning the 2013 -2014 season.  Hmmm…

–Gary Mach

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  1. Susie gardiner says:

    Fund raiser idea: a last man standing raffle. Sell one hundres tickets at $100 each = $10,000 . Have a party spending $1000 on an all out blast (possibly getting donations of food and maybe donationsfor a chinese auction or silent auction which would bring in more) and during the evening draw down tickets until the last 10 survive . Finalists can sell their ticket to audience members for whatever they can get and then the last 2 can win $1000 and $2000. Leaving $7,000 for vp.

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