When You Wish Upon a Star

At the Board of Trustees meetings, we sometimes discuss our “wish list.”  It’s not truly a “wish list” per se, but rather a compilation of capital improvements we would like to make to the Playhouse.  Having these ideas in a list format allows us to prioritize and set the budget for such expenditures each year.  Typically, the budget is roughly equivalent to the donations received the prior year. This guideline allows us to undertake improvements without dipping too deeply into the piggy bank (aka “fund balance”).

However, a “wish list” should be more fanciful… full of what if’s, and dreams…

What if…

… season ticket sales “sold out” the entire year before we opened the first show?BVP-SeasonTicketsweb

… if every member bought a pair of season tickets? (btw…that would more than triple our annual season ticket sales!!)

…opening night for every show became a “members only” black tie, red carpet, limos and searchlights, sold out, gala, media-covered event?

… the cast gathered after the show at the new “Stand Bistro” to anxiously await the reviews?

… the Birmingham business community recognized the value of Village Players, and every business bought an ad in our show programs? Or on our website?

… every member was involved in at least one show each year?

…building sets…sewing costumes…ushering…running lights…running sound…working props…stage managing…stagehands…helping with make-up or hair…selling ads…bringing new patrons to see the show…and oh, yeah…acting!?

…nearby restaurants offered a dinner theatre package?  Parking, dinner, best seats available, coffee and dessert après curtain?

…we included at least one original show in each season…from our own P@W workshop?

…there was a regional cooperative of community theatre sharing assets such as costumes and props, special effects, unique set pieces…

…there was a way to jointly market regional community theater productions?  (Cooperate not compete?)

… a kindly benefactor provided the funds to re-do our front porch/entrance?

…another kindly benefactor give us the finds to make the stage handicap accessible (not that much really, we’ve looked into it!)?

…some of our members, with the skills, experience, and determination, formed a fundraising committee to help drive us “on our way to 100” and allow us to do all these wonderful things… and MORE?

–Gary Mach

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2 Responses to When You Wish Upon a Star

  1. Tony Kruzman says:

    I was hoping to see other things on the “wish list” like more storage bins on the east side of the building, storage sheds in the alley near the dumpster, and perhaps a rehearsal room/hall on the west side of the building. All of these capital improvements would greatly benefit our play house.

  2. Bryan Conroy says:

    So I said to myself, why am I receiving a VP season flyer when I am already a member and I’ll be renewing my membership, and that will take care of my season ticket needs anyway. What a waste of postage, I thought. Then I remembered what that shrewd fellow and current Prez, the honorable Gary Mach said, he who has urged us to help promote our own theater by buying season tickets to give to people, who later might become members themselves. Why don’t I do that, thought I? I would otherwise just use the money for booze and gambling and to pay off my parole officer. Instead, I have followed the astute leadership of our elected leader and I am sending in for two tickets for all up-coming shows along with my membership.

    Check’s in the mail.