The Copeland Clinic

Cleaning up the workbench area--bringing it up to Copeland standards.

VILLAGE PLAYERS, Birmingham, MI.   On one of the coldest nights of the year, an ardent group of Players gathered to conduct the first ever “COPELAND CLINIC.” Prepped by pizza and beer, the army of nine attacked the slow malaise of disorganization that has crept into the backstage areas since the passing of our mentor of organization, John Copeland.  Tony K., and Diane D. tackled the stage right wood storage area, demanding order from a tangle of 2 x 4′s. Upstage, a larger crew of Mike D., Steve R., Karl J., and Bryan C., ventured where few have dared before… into the flat storage jungle.  Elsewhere, Gary M., and Josie T.,  jumped into the workbench itself, plumbing depths heretofore unseen and finding treasures galore, (a biscuit joiner?!?) and a mysterious message from the great beond signed by none other than “D.B.”!! As the evening wore on, fresh troops arrived in the form of Kevin B., Helen M., and Pam D., all of whom made significant contributions to the end result.   When the dust settled and the team sat back to examine their results around 9 p.m. to a person they agreed that it was a worthy start, and indeed had made a visible difference.  It may have been the beer talking, but a pledge was made to return to the fray a fortnight or so hence, and forge ahead further seeking that holy grail of organization… a place for everything and everything in its’ place.  Won’t you join us? –Gary Mach

Tackling the flats!

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